We're bridging the buyer-seller gap across all complex sales processes

by making digital interactions with prospects intelligent and perceptive

How we do it

AI can help buyers and sellers understand each other.  But this is a hard problem, and LLMs alone won't solve it. We're combining proven natural language technology along with LLMs, so that businesses can confidently use AI to handle high stakes prospect interactions.


Headshot of Andre Vanier.
Andre Vanier
CEO and Co-Founder
Repeat founder. Passionate about bridging the gap between buyers and sellers in complex sales processes. Deeply versed in building high performing teams. Lover of puns and Abba music. Always humbled that my young children would rather not hear me sing Abba (or anything else for that matter).
Headshot of Alex Djalali.
Alex Djalali
CTO and Co-Founder, PhD
Natural language technologist. Focused on linguistics, mathematical logic, and philosophy. Best advice for anyone in a start-up: invest in a great pair of headphones and rediscover the joy of over-produced pop music (excluding Abba).

Our founding champions

Headshot of Itamar Novick.
Itamar Novick
Founder, Recursive Ventures
Headshot of Cindy Padnos.
Cindy Padnos
Founder, Illuminate Ventures
Headshot of Jennifer Savage.
Jennifer Savage
Partner, Illuminate Ventures
Headshot of Marissa Mayer.
Marissa Mayer
Co-Founder and CEO, Sunshine
Headshot of Rob May.
Rob May
CEO, BrandGuard AI
Headshot of Nuno Goncalves Pedro.
Nuno Goncalves Pedro
Founder, Chameleon VC
Headshot of Scott Keane.
Scott Keane
VP, Global Sales Development, Databricks
Headshot of Navid Zolfaghari.
Navid Zolfaghari
Head of GTM, Metronome
Headshot of Ivan Markman.
Ivan Markman
Former CBO, Yahoo
Headshot of Dan Ahmadi.
Dan Ahmadi
Former VP of Marketing and Demand Gen, Branch Metrics
Headshot of Kenny Tucker.
Kenny Tucker
Headshot of Richard Tibbetts.
Richard Tibbetts
Former VP Product for AI, Tableau
Headshot of Kristina McMillan.
Kristina McMillan
Co-Founder, Argyle Earth
Headshot of Jay Eum.
Jay Eum
Founder, GFT Ventures
Headshot of Bora Chung.
Bora Chung
Former Chief Experience Officer, Bill.com
Headshot of Matt Tucker.
Matt Tucker
Co-Founder, Jive Software
Headshot of Amrit Saxena.
Amrit Saxena
Founder, SaxeCap
Headshot of Ed Thomas.
Ed Thomas
CEO, Hazel
Headshot of Santiago Becerra.
Santiago Becerra
Senior Eng Director, Salesforce
Headshot of Andrew Djalali.
Andrew Djalali
Senior Director of Sales, LiveRamp
Headshot of Vance Vanier.
Vance Vanier
Co-Founder, Chicago Pacific Founders
Headshot of Nathan Dintenfass.
Nathan Dintenfass
VP, Product, Temporal Technologies
Headshot of Arnab Bhattacharjee.
Arnab Bhattacharjee
Co-Founder & CEO, Consider
Headshot of Mike Derezin.
Mike Derezin
Former COO, Chainlink Labs
Headshot of Rex Biberston.
Rex Riberston
CEO, No Fluff Selling
Headshot of David Hershenson.
David Hershenson
GTM Swiss Army Knife
Headshot of Wayne Greenwood.
Wayne Greenwood
Former Co-Founder & CDO, Cooper
Headshot of Ted Kornish.
Ted Kornish
Head of Engineering, Gravity
Headshot of Amanda Grady.
Amanda Grady
Former VP of GTM Strategy & Operations, Branch Metrics
Headshot of Laura Messerschmitt.
Laura Messerschmitt
President, GoDaddy International

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